So after I got , after I got back from choir practice, I realised something about blogs. They are bad in the sense that they are like a snapshot of your life, and you don’t let the time post-publish change what you wrote. This update is to serve that purpose. 

Things are SOOOO much better. I got light into my room, and I have finally beat my jet lag. These two things combined have helped my stay here exponentially. Like, seriously. I don’t even care about not having wifi, but light? oh my goodness, please give me light. LOL

Anyways, the hospital is so busy! I stay there the majority of the day and I’m just on my feet 24/7, no time to sit. I’m taking a lot of histories, doing consultations, ordering tests, I clean dressings, and I even gave vaccinations today. Anyone want to entrust their baby to me? >:) hahaha

Anyways, choir practice was SOOOO good. Like, I realised that in African culture there definitely is a line between work and play.  Like, on the way to the church I got to bond with one of the nurses I work with and everyone at the church was so nice. They were so friendly. There was one time when they were talking in French and they said something like “Does she understand French?” And I immediately said “un peu!” Which I was soooo proud of because I got to use the little I remember. Then they asked me a question in French and I didn’t know what they were asking me…..It was “What s your name?” Seriously??? My moment of truth and and then I blow it hahhaa oh well. It’s really fun though, the people are really good, and SERIOUSLY after overcoming jet lag and getting light into my room, I like my experience SO much more. OH, and also, when I put my hair down, people like me SO much more. What I’ve found from mission trips is this: you gotta find out what people want in the country and then have it. Like, in Cambodia people liked me because I was light-skinned, when you add the fact that I was Korean on top of that, GG. Here, that doesn’t work, but when you have long, flawy hair, TKO dude. So today, I opted for a loose side pony-tail instead of my slicked back high pony tail. heh heh…I gotchu 

So I guess I’ll just end with a story that happened today. We got a girl carried into the hospital because she tripped and gashed her knee wide open, it was super intense. When the nurses were trying to stitch it up, they were trying to inject lidocane to numb it, but the injection was SO painful to the girl. She would scream and say that it hurt. And when they tried to put in the needle, she jerked back her knee and bent her leg…right where her open wound was….….I’m cringing just at the thought. Literally, she had 4 women on her, and her mom was so intense. Her mom was screaming at her to stop making noise, and would spank her to stop crying. It was pretty sad. I never heard that much commotion before. The whole time I was to the side watching the whole thing like O _ O 

Then, for the last stitch, the girl wasn’t fully numbed in the knee so the nurse had to put in another injection of lidocane. The girl wanted to scream again, but when she saw her mom and her eyes of fury, she was still held down but kept saying “No Pain No Pain”. It was pretty cute. Well, all is well with her now thankfully. Pretty cool though. 

Anyways that’s it. I’m STARVING, so I need to go to the market to get something. Oh, update on that, I thought of a system to protect my food. I started storing my food in a big pot, and I keep all the utensils and plates I use in a plastic box, so nothing crawls on it during the night. OMG, just the thought of it…….T-T

The biggest blessing though has been the spiritual growth though. Mos def. I have fully gone over the initial hump of anxiety over the fact that I have no internet/connection to the outside world, to it being one of the most freeing things ever. You don’t realise how constricting it is until it’s not there. Anyways, hope all is well on that side of the world. I just wanted to make sure I made this clarification to my past post because I wouldn’t be doing Africa the justice it deserves if I didn’t. Who knows when I’ll make another post, so until next time!


Also, just a note, I can’t write e-mails, so if you’re reading this and you sent me one, it’s not because I don’t care about you, it’s because I can’t! lol 


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