Hello, just wanted to write a quick update on my time here.

Africa is definitely different from what I was expecting. I don’t have much time so here’s a run down on what I’ve found:

The weather is like the Pacific NW…or what I assume the PNW to be…it’s foggy here since it’s rainy season

I guess I can’t help but compare Cambodia to Africa, culture is super different. I was talking to someone about their interactions with foreigners. It’s a bit cold. They are very exclusive, and they are very direct. They said that it may be due to their history and how they were very oppressed by the colonies. Very understandable I gues. But as a feeler, it’s hard to not take it personally sometimes. Their coldness, their directness, I wonder why they can’t be a bit more emotional and jsut crack me a smile. SOMETHING! And at times I want to be cold to them back, but then I have to rememeber that they don’t this on purpose and that’s just how the culture is.

The worst part is at night. I can’t fall asleep because of jet lag, so I’m just up, in my bed. And the lightbulb to my room popped 2 days ago, so I can’t even turn on the light and read. I and just there….wide awake….scared because I found cockroaches in the kitchen, and there was something growling at me when I went in at night (found out rats live there during the night)…hahah yes…..this is Africa I suppose. But that’s the worst. Although, the past two night, I’ve gotten some journaling done and some reading done as well.

My mac charger broke the day I got here, so I dno’t even have a computer. I’m currently on Nadia’s right now, so if you guys don’t get updates from me you know why…Yes…who knew that not having internet makes you feel so deprived and…out of tuoch with the world? But at least I have my phone, which I need to reconnect to the internet every 30 seconds…lol Is it worth is…..I don’t even know.

Anyways, that’s been my life so far. It’s been very difficult with what I just said. Oh, also because my host family is leaving soon and so they don’t really take care of me. I don’t mind too much, but with all the disconnect that I’ve experienced with the internet, and the lights, and the people, it would be nice to have company. Oh well….I don’t know what it is that I keep putting myself into situations like this–first Cambodia then Cameroon…..why do I like to make it hard on myself?

Anyways, reading DoA’s chapter on Jesus’ childhood on diligence and effort (pg 72) really helped. I try and repeat it before each day to try and smile, even though I know that all I will get are people who will roll their eyes at me.

I changed a dressing for a lady at the hospital, and I thought how this was the best thing ever. Even though I spend the rest of the day taking histories or pressing the “on” button on a BP machine, those moments are where I’m reminded that medicine is worth it–when I’m on my knees, cleaning out the granulomatous tissue from her wound and putting iodine on it. Holding her hand and blowing on the wound when I put alcohol on it, then carefully wrapping it up. It’s a good feeling, to know that you’ve helped someone like, and they are beyond grateful. The lady kept repeating my name while I was doing it, and kept saying thank you after it was all done. All I cuold do was blush hahaha. ew, so girly…

Anyways, prayers please. I want to make the most of my trip here. It’s the hardest late at night though when it’s hard to keep reign on your thoughts.

Oh! And also, guess who’s the newest member of the Buea SDA Church choir? YEEEEE….this girl

One thought on “Bienvenue

  1. 😀 aww Esther… it does sound pretty lonely out there… no one takes care of you, locals are distant (ironic lol =P), poor internet… at the same time, what an opportunity to connect with Jesus more fully and single heartedly! and know that as a family of Christ, we’re never too far from each other. I’m excited to read about your summer! (when you get the chance to update ;D) God be with you!!

    “Angels are constantly ascending and descending this ladder of shining brightness, bearing the prayers of the needy and distressed to the Father above, and bringing blessing and hope, courage and help, to the children of men.” AA 153.1

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