Everything, in Light of Jesus…

In those times when I feel like I’ve been wronged…

In those times when I don’t see justice being served…

When I feel so overcome by frustration because “there is more?”…

When it feels like the bad guys win…

In the darkness of it all…

I need to remember that Jesus came for people like me.


If I were alive in the times when Jesus was on Earth, He would have come to me. Even if it was out of the way, He would have made sure to come to me.

“I know it’s not fair, but take heart. I know it doesn’t feel like it, but the Kingdom of God belongs to you.


Are you heavy-ladened? Stressed? Do you feel outcasted? Played? Embarrassed? Are you hurt? Do you feel like you’re doing right, but your enemies are getting the gold? Do you feel worthless, self-conscious, like a wallflower? Do you feel ugly or insane? Are you pained? Have you gone through heartbreak, failure, loss, or betrayal? Do you feel like it’s too hard to have faith? Is it too much to even start thinking about?

He knows how hard it is, and that’s why, He came for people like you and me.

Take Heart

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