Faith, The Cure

I don’t really know why this is hitting me now, but I guess in this moment of silence and singularity, facts about people’s past, their struggles, their inner demons are hitting me, and here I am, sitting here at Starbucks wondering what’s the point of it all.

If I’m to be blunt, in this past year alone I’ve heard more disturbing testimonies than my whole 22 years of life put together. These are stories that I would never have ever imagined would happen to anyone that I know and its almost come to the point where I believe that everyone has their own traumatic ish.

Life is so unfair. How do you not go insane at the injustice of it all?

How do people deal with it? Deal with the injustice? Have we just all gone mad that instead of really dealing with the anger, we cowardly look for a happiness that will help us forget for a while? Is that happiness then, an escape to the reality of hurt that we all feel?

Like…What happens if something indescribably traumatic happens, but you’re told that if you don’t forgive, that might be the thing that prevents you from entering Heaven?

What do you say to that? How can you say anything to that? How can you look the person in the eye and say that we must forgive every single person, then? How can you say that you have to go to church, that you need to do devotions, that you must love Jesus in this situation?

Yet, in that moment when they’re crying, what is the use of Christianity if I cannot uplift Him in a time as this?

If I am a Christian, and I truly believe in the healing power of Christ, despite the hurt and pain and the cliche sayings that don’t make any sense at the moment, shouldn’t Christ still reign in this place?

 I need to believe that in the end, justice WILL come and that every single person will receive their due; that in the end, when light shines so bright, even the darkest shadows have to flee. And in the mean time, let God do the healing that only He can do.

Ultimately, what Jesus offers is a hope that all wrongs will be made right. If that’s the case, faith is the sweetest escape because faith is the key to that hope. So then, in the end, faith becomes the cure to it all.

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