Question from Medical School

Learning about the reproductive development in zygotes/embryos/fetuses (don’t know which one to use…), you find that the default pathway for it is to become female. Why, then, did God create man first? 

I’ll think about this in a weeks time. 

In the meantime: “AHHHHHH TEST WEEK!” 

7 thoughts on “Question from Medical School

  1. Well Adam was probably created before this pathway was conceived (haha pun) since a zygote needs a sperm and egg . The logic being that the egg had yet to be created, Eve. So then the question is why did God make females the default pathway after he made Adam. The answer then becomes a lot clearer.

  2. He obviously created Adam and then was like, man, default pathway from now on should definitely be females, and then He made Eve super awesome. =D

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