A Medical Student’s Priority List

So today, the electricity in my apartment was suddenly disconnected. I got a call from Noemi around noon telling me that the everything in the apartment wouldn’t turn on. Turns out that my deposit to Edison company never got through and they conveyed that message to me in a very strong way. So after dissecting the male perineum for ~2 hours, I headed to the office to get it all straightened out. Throughout the whole thing, I was thinking just what a waste of time it was, “I could be studying right now.” I have that excuse for everything thing I do now. Cooking, Eating, Pumping gas,writing e-mails, and even the most minute things like checking the mail. Everything seems like a waste of time if it doesn’t mean me, sitting at a table, notes in front and pen in hand. Hm…just very interesting. It just seems like life now is studying, while everything else are just accessories to it. I’m glad to say that God has been my stronghold more and more these last few weeks, but what about everything else? It really does feel like studying is my oxygen.

I was telling this to Jeremy Lam today and in response he said, ” Yeah, that’s the thing, when you’re in medical school studying isn’t the first priority; it’s the first, second, and third.” This is so true. To simply say that medical school studies are your first priority is diluting its importance because it takes up a lot more than that. And I ask myself a lot, “Is this it? Is this life now? A few punctuated moments of joy and excitement, but in the background of a seemingly endless cycle of study.” Yeah, what scares me is that sometimes I wonder not if life will get better and more exciting, but if this is what life ACTUALLY is and everything was just “youthful naivety”. hahaha, oh well…this just convicts me more that I need to go to on my trip this summer for not only one month, but two (I want to be busy up until the day I start school).

BUT I MEAN, don’t get me wrong. In all honesty, there is no where else I would rather be. Events that happened to me this week made me realize this. It’s so crazy you guys, just how much people around you can be hurting and you don’t even know it. I have been so blessed to be where I am. I can’t complain about anything. Something that gets to me is that when I’m a doctor, I hope I never lose that disconnect between the rich and poor. As a doctor, I’m going to be in the top tier of society, but I never want to be so dulled with luxury and opulence that I forget the value of a dollar and the way people suffer to live. On Saturday I took a jog and when I came back I saw a women sleeping in her car. Then, I saw a teenager holding a joint. San Bernardino is such a colorful place to live, I feel like THIS is life, that’s why I like living here, in the “ghetto”. hahaha

Anyways, I should go back to studying now. On a bright note, on Wednesdays my M1 crew gathers at Alan’s house for lunch. It’s really nice, just a time to rewind and cook together. Legit, my class is awesome. Everyone is so cool, genuine, and very VERY kind. It’s really nice to get to know them outside of school. I’ll post a picture next time (I keep forgetting to take one). Also, ss a kind of hobby, I’ve been trying to grow plants. I think that my chrysanthemums are beyond redemption, but Greg told me that I could grow spring onions from ones that you buy at the grocery store, so I made this home for them today:

2014-02-26 18.55.53

Root Lengths 2/26/2014:

Onion #1: 1.5 in.

Onion #2: .5 in.

Onion #3: .4 in.

I’ll keep y’all updated πŸ˜‰

4 thoughts on “A Medical Student’s Priority List

  1. Everyone’s posting today!

    According to instagram, graduates seem to have more interesting, food-filled lives. At least they get to travel..

    The value of a dollar part stuck out.. I share your sentiments on that

    • LOL INSTAGRAM!!! Oh my word…. Kudos for that joke. That was good.
      But yeah… Definitely something to think about. It’s hard because you can sweep it under the rug so easily. I hope I’m not blinded by comfort.

  2. maybe you should get another bamboo.. (yours is still thriving under my greenless thumb). anyways— I appreciate you for finding time to text me back πŸ™‚ many of my laughter throughout the day is thanks to you!

    although I cannot and will not understand how much one has to study in med school— reading posts like this makes me realize how smart.. how intelligent you are. and how amazing you are- to be able to go through this and still be friendly and loving —
    still be you. πŸ™‚

    you got this echa! you are always on my mind!

    • oh! yeah! my bamboo!!
      And dude, I’ve thought this multiple times now but you’re the perfect friend to have in medical school. No pressure to text you back right away. Conversations are short, but still meaningful, not to mention, often hahaha. I love it! When I wake up, and I see a message notification, I always know it’s you and it makes me happy.

      And thanks Arah πŸ™‚ You’re too good to me. I love youuuuuu~

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