I missed my flight today. It took off at 6:14 in the morning and I woke up at 5:50.

So here I am, nothing to do today. I should be filling out research applications, maybe cleaning the house…But no…I have gorged myself on food and TV shows these past 2 weeks that I feel like I have popped every productive bone out of place. So here I am, in front of my laptop, in an attempt to be somewhat productive–a blog post.

What to write about? I’m feeling really crummy because I just replied to Christine’s e-mail and it had to do with a draining and, honestly, depressing topic, so I’m in that kind of mood. Stressed that because I missed my flight today I just lost one day of moving, on top of the fact that I’m sure that my landlord hates me already. And that I just blew a big chunk of money away because of my inability to wake up to alarm clocks. Note to self…don’t book an early morning flight ever again. Then, of course is the fact that I have done absolutely no additional studying these past 3 weeks. My notes are still in that nice plastic wrap, while I’m sure that 75% of my class went gunner-mode.

So, I wrote a long blog post and I sounded supppper pessimistic about life, so instead I erased all of it and decided to an exercise.

Things that I am thankful for:

  • Mi Familia: It’s a funny thing, right? This thing called unconditional love.
  • Mi Amigos: What’s life without people to laugh with and at? 😉
  • Just Dance 4: My favorite wii game! I believe that my 2+ hours a day on that game has leveled me into the ranks of a b-boy? No? Anyone? (HAHAHA, flashback to that time when Jeremy Lee and I planned to have a dance battle at Burman Hall one night. Alas, didn’t happen…he would have pwned me though)
  • Makeup: For helping me feel pretty~
  • Retainers: For keeping me straight (haha get it?)
  • La Comida: An opportunity to attain happiness 3 times a day
  • Student loans: Because while they will be the reason I never get married, they still allow me to move in with Noemi and blow paper at thrift shops and on missed flights
  • Medical School: I will forever be thankful of this

Hey, that was fun. 🙂 I tried getting creative with it too, if you couldn’t tell. Anyways, useless post, but hey, it did me some good because I feel better now, although I’m sure I just wasted 5 minutes of your life. To make it up, let me tell you a secret in life: To make time go slower, you need to experience new things. New things act like time markers when you look back on your life. The more you experience, the more time slows down. So this 2014, experience the new 🙂

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