Secret Santa + A Cinnamon Bun Story

Today, I was able to spend time with my two favorite groups here at Loma Linda–my Loma Linda Small Group & my Yorba Linda Small Group. Both of these groups participated in secret santa tonight, which means….double the presents!!

Thanks Brad & Steven for my wonderful gifts! I’m so touched, especially the personal mix CD. Dude, when was the last time you made/received a mix CD for someone? I love it! As I’m writing this, I’m listening to it now. So pleasant~

2013-12-06 22.30.23

My Loma Linda secret santa gift from Brad. Yes, those are indeed grillzzzz. 

2013-12-06 22.33.20

Yorba Linda secret santa gift from Steven. SO obnoxious!! hahaha (It’s a hat)

But back to small groups, the Loma Linda one to be exact. The reason why I love my small group (which I’m convinced is the best one) is the girls. I’m in a small group with 2 fellow KAYAMM batch 14 members, one of which is one of my closest friends–Jenny Bae.

This is where the story of the cinnamon bun comes along (Christmas is a time for stories so bear with me)…

Jenny and I, along with a handful of other naive post-high school graduates, decided to embark on a mission trip to the Philippines one year. We had heard a good amount of terror stories about the Philippines: the heat, the work, the poor conditions, basically, the misery. But along these, fell stories about being the victims of robbery. So, taking these to heart, I only exchanged a little bit of money to take to the Philippines. On our way to there, at the first airport we were at, all of my group were buying something to eat. Me, knowing that I had to conserve what little money I had brought, decided not to. Yet, peer pressure told me that I looked dumb for not indulging in what everyone else was. I guess I was looking torn at the time, and Jenny, out of no where, says to me, “Hey, pick something. I’ll buy it for you.” I resisted and said that I wasn’t hungry. But she insisted and resorted to picking something for me to get.

That cinnamon roll was ~$2. Yet, that story, that has always stayed with me. Whenever I’m asked to think about the kindest thing that someone has ever done for me, I think about Jenny and that cinnamon roll. As I was reflecting back on this story on my way back home, I realized just how much that one act of kindness impacted me. Because, legit, because of that incident, no matter what Jenny Bae may do from here on out, no matter what awful things I hear about her, that $2 roll will be how I see her. Seeing how much that impacted me, it just shows how one act of kindness can stick for a long long time.

Just a thought…

Oh! And I finally concluded what I’m going to do with this blog! I guess you guys will all see~

(And for those more “emo” post like my last one…as you can see, I write those in the spur-of-the-moment kind of moments…Just writing about it makes me feel better…It’s not like a cry for help or anything…just my own therapy if that makes sense…)

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